Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Damn Eyrthema Nodosum!!!!

Well as I posted a quick note on the 25th that my Eyrthema Nodosum had returned..and of course it is still here and getting worse.

Menstrual info below......
The EN started this time at the end of what I decided had to have been my menstrual cycle. I spotted for a week but never had any cramps and never felt like it had been my actual cycle. But I thought maybe I got off easy for a change.... yeah right I started getting the hives before the end of that and I still have them. I started my menstrual cycle again about 4 days ago now (why can't I have a normal cycle?)and the nodules were not really sore yet. A couple of them had grew to be quite a good size but were not to pain full but now as my menstrual cycle is calming down and hopefully ending they are getting extremely sore! I also feel awful w/ headaches, musucle and joint pain & my back really hurts.. so... I guess right now that it is just a waiting game to see how bad they will get. I will update again soon.

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Elizabeth M. Shaffer said...

I started eating an AIP diet, basically no carbs, grass-fed meat , wild-caught fish and vegetables 5/1/15. June 15 I started an outbreak of EN all over my ankles and calves. I am still suffering through it today (7/9/15). Hmm...In the past I have had at best 1-2 nodules so sporadic. Since I have MS, an autoimmune disease and doctors have said that Autoimmune Diseases like to travel in packs; We figured it was Bechets Disease. While this may be true, why the sudden horrific outbreak? I have like 5-6 on each ankle and calf. I think I read that you are a vegetarian...Could we be having an inflammatory reaction to a vegetable?? My "New" obsession probably since more around June is juicing. Kale and Bok Choy are newer on my list of veggies?? Your diet??