Monday, April 13, 2009

Moejo Handsome

We have brought a new baby into our lives. Not so much a baby.. But a one year old neutered Tabby mix. He is so sweet and gorgeous. I fell in love with him as soon as I seen him. I was out by myself one day in Morgantown. Stopped by Petco to get some food for the animals and found 1 little kitty waiting to be adopted from Friends of the four legged and furry... I feel for him.. He would come over and lick my fingers and rub up against me. So I called John and told him. He was at work. He didn't even blink and said ok. Which is kinda uncharacteristic of him. Considering we already have so many animals sharing our home. We have never taken in an adult cat. We have always took in kittens that we have found around our area in need of a home. I called John and had him call the Preston Co. Humane Society which was the cats original place. He had been placed in another smalled adoption group. So my husband tracked done all of that info and called and talked to them. They were really nice. They are a new adoption group and are stilling growing. We desided to think it over for the night and the next day I had to go to Morgantown to see my baby. So John and I left early went and seen him then went to eat. We descused it a little more then I finally called Fotflaf. A couple hours later they met us at Petcos adoption center and we brought our baby home. There was an $85.00 for. But it covered his neuter, vaccinations, Leukemia/ AIDS test, etc. The night before we brought him home we had decided we was going to call him Mojo. Which we found out was kinda funny the next day because they had been calling him Moe Handsome. So his Offical Name Turned into Moejo Handsome. We call him Moejo....

For the most part he is getting along with most of the other animals. Romeo, which is the kitty who takes up to everyone was of course the first cat we introduced to Moejo. They hit it off well. Storm & Dewy are doing good. And Beltane for the most part is pretty good. But Copper on the other hand is taking some time. He is grumpy and kinda has a habit of chasing Moejo Down. So we have to watch them pretty close. The dogs actually we were kinda worried about. Sophie would look through the cage and twist her head to the side like... hmmm.... a new play toy and this one moves!!!! But all in all the dogs have done great with him. And he has taken to our home, the animals , and us very quickly. He even played with us the first night we brought him home. We have yet to really introduce him to the ferrets though. He looks at them like they are moving food.. so..

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