Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lima beans & Corn, Sweet Potato Pasta, Oven Zucchini, and Grilling out

Lima bean & Corn - Makes 5 cups

I had these at the dinner after my Grandfather's funeral. They were really good. Although I am really hoping they did not have chicken broth in them...! I am really kinda wondering now if they did. I had never had lima beans before and this has quickly become a go to side dish me me. Or if I am home alone I boil up some beans add some frozen corn and eat it as a meal... I like to boil the limas in advance and freeze them. that way it doesn't take an hour and a half to cook them first or a $2 can of beans.

3 cups g Cooked Lima beans
2 cups g Frozen corn
Enough Veg broth to cover all the beans and corn
1 tbsp Vegan Butter of choice
1 tbsp Flour
1/2 to 1 tsp pepper
Salt to taste

Bring veg Lima beans, Corn , Veg broth, & Pepper to a boil. Melt Better add the flour to it and add to boiling pot. Make sure not to let it clump. When it thickens which should be fast it its done. Maybe about 10minutes all together if the beans where cooked in advance.

Sweet Potato Pasta

This was an accidental find. I was going to have some buttered noodle and beans for diner but accidentally opened the wrong can. But I love it. I really like to have it as a side to the Morningstar Farms vegan BBQ riblets. Or I just like it plain. It is a nice replacement for Mac & Cheese. I don't really like the nutritional yeast mac & cheese. But this turns out creamy and yummy... and sweet... :)

Box of whole wheat Pasta
1/2 cup Sweet Potato Puree
1/4cup soy milk
2 tbsp Smart Balance light
Salt to taste

Cook pasta as normal. Put the sweet potato puree in a pot with the soy milk and smart balance light. Let come together. Stir a little. Then add it to your pasta. If you don't want to make it on the stove top you don't have to. Just put it in a boil and stir together. If you put it in the microwave make sure you don't spoil the soy milk.

Oven Baked Zucchini

I love oven baked zucchini and though it is probably easy for everyone but me... I still make it. I have a horrible track record. I seem to either always forget about it and it turns into burnt zucchini chips or I get impatient and take it off early and eat it...

Zucchini - 1 whole for each person
olive Oil

Preheat oven to 400. Slice onion and chunck up zucchini into bite sized pieces, or slices. Or you could just leave them cut long ways in to two or four pieces. the bigger the pieces the longer they take to cook. Put a little oil on the veggies and mix. lay on baking pan add salt. Then bake for 30 minutes or till desired doneness.

Tofu Nuggets- Pictured above with Zucchini

This recipe has been converted from the Deceptivley Delicious Cook Book.

1 Cup Bread crumbs
1 Tbsp Flaxmeal
1 tbsp Vegan Parm like galaxy- optional- or try nutritional yeast
A pureed veggie of your choice. Dependeing on what you make it with.
1 tsp paprika
Egg replacer mixed with water- enough for all tofu
1 Pack extra firm tofu- this may work with tempeh
1/2 salt

Mix all dry ingredents. Mix egg replacer with veggie puree in another bowl.
Slic tofu into bight sized chucks. Heat the oil. I like using unthawed tofu. But tofu that had been frozen to give it more texture. Then dip into bread crumbs. Then put in pan with just a Tablespoon of oil. Do not use to much oil. They will fall apart or just be totally soked with oil. Then enjoy with your fave dip.

Grilling Out....
This is the first time we have cooked on our charcoal grill in 4 years... Because it just takes they thing to long to get hot.. Then I can't seem to keep it hot. Maybe I need Charcoal Grills for dummies or something. Maybe next year I will just invest in a gas grill. Although propane tanks are a little scary. lol... I use my parents and they turn it on and off for me.. Anyways I decided while we were out working onthe coop we might as well cook out. Chey was all excited. And I quess in all honesty John and I were a little bit too... since it had been so long... Well everything started out bad... We didn't have any fluid so John decides to put a ton of zipo lighter fluid on it. He won't listen to me of course. I went to go up town to buy some actually grill starter and when I come back all I can small is zipo fluid.... after I told him to stop... I mean come on.... So we had a big blow up about that. Like I want to eat zipo fluid!!! .. So then I decided I didn't even want to grill out and I went in the house. But later I cooled off and then decided to cook out. He had started the grill with the starter fluid ater I had went in the house and it had a ton of time.. like an hour to get hot so... We made corn, veggie hot dogs, zucchini, asparagus, potatoes, and Helens Tofu steaks... didn't like the asparagus or the helens tofu steaks... But loved the zucchini, hot dogs, & potatos.. on the other hand smoky corn was ok too. But I also managed to catch the corn on yes corn is flammable.. or atleast their husks are. I was planning on taking a pretty picture of the corn with grill marks and the husks pulled back but instead they went up in flames and I freaked out. john came over and saved me back slamming the lid closed.... Maybe its not such a good idea for me to use a charcoal grill....

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