Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vegan Cook book recipes I am getting ready to try

Vegan Lunch Box

Sneaky Mommas Tom Sauce PG109
Mixed Veg Wat PG
Niter Kalden PG101
Broccoli Calzones PG147
Chili Con "Carne" PG 149
Eat your oatmeal pancakes PG
Lentil Rice Balls PG159
Red Rice & Black Beans PG170
Tofu Fish sticks
Wild Rice pilaf PG187
almond Buttered Sweet Potatoes PG190
Broccoli Piccata
Limas w/ Chestnuts & Brussels
Slow cooker Black Beans PG204
Blue Ribbon PG220
Croissants PG222
Banana Oatmeal Cookies PG233
Calcium Smoothie PG 257 - Just tried this one. Nice smoothie. but I think it needs less vanilla 1/2 tsp makes it very vanilla! You know when you eat something and you get a dry feeling in your mouth thats what this smoothie does to me. O 'yeah. I used almond milk you need to use a different dairy alternative. Fruit makes it look curdled and it will separate.

Cashew Crispy Squares PG23

The Conscious cook

Fingerling potatoes PG31
Focaccia w carmalized onions PG51
Summer Chopped Salad PG72
Quinoa Salad PG75
PG 80
Gardien "Chicken" Piccata PG85
Corn Chowder PG89
Artichoke Ricotto tortellini w/ saffron sauce PG165
Banana Rum Cheesecake :) PG198
Coffee date cake :) !
Herbed cashew cheese PG121
Tofu Cakes & Pan Roasted Summer Veg PG139
Pasta Dough for Ravioli PG146
Gardien "Chicken" Scaloppini


Sam said...

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