Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Awesome Retro Finds

Wild Flower 1978- Found 3 Salad Plates, 4 Coffee Cups, and what I am considering as a Dessert Cup.  Found these IN Mannington WV. At the store across town I found a Petite Pan and Lid that matches this set. A few weeks later I also found 3 of the Green Lined Coffee Cup plates at a Thrift store in Fairmont WV.

This is the Wild Flower Petite Pan Found in a thrift store IN Mannington WV. 

I also found these at a thrifty store in Mannington WV. They were listed as a set but one is made by Pyrex and the other Corning. So they are actually compatibles. 

This is a Red Pyrex Hostess bowl from the 1950s. It was originally sold with or w/o serving bowls and a lid. I only found this one serving bowl. It is in very good condition. This is one piece I really love even though I am not a big fan of red. I do love the shape though.

This is a green Pyrex Cinderella mixing bowl. Originally thought it was from the crazy daisy set. But it is actually from a green 4 mixing bowl set.

This is a Fireking Canister. In great shape. Wish there was a whole set but only one. Purchased this at an antique store in Fairmont WV at 20% off...
Also found two of these at a great antique store in Fairmont WV. I love these! They are in my favorite  Friendship Pyrex. Also got them at 20% off and at a great price!

Not sure where I picked this up but got it for a great price. Wish they would have had the glasses that match.

This was also found in Mannington WV.. I found 1 at each location. One was in not so great condition and one in pretty good condition. I have both and I think I might sale the one in not so great condition.

Found this at a very expensive antique store called Back in time in Anmoore WV. Everything was so high priced that this was the only thing I ended up with. It originally had a 75 cent yard sale sticker... Wish I would have found that yard sale... But no I paid $2 which was a good price for an antique store. But she only gave that to me because it wasn't priced for her store and I think I had asked her so many times how much stuff cost that she figured she should let me purchase something. I doubt I ever go back there. she wasn't the nicest lady. But I have seen these for $6  to $10 elsewhere. 

Found this at another thrift store in Fairmont. 

Pyrex Verde from 1964 Two sided Veggie Dish

Well I have been collecting alot of awesome Pieces lately... Hope I can find a nice place for them all.

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