Sunday, September 11, 2011

Had the opportunity to make my 1st wedding cake!

I got the chance this week to make my first wedding cake. I was excited but nervous. 
It turned out pretty good... Chocolate turned out perfect! Had some moisture issues with the yellow cake that I iced to soon after taking it from the freezer and didn't know till after the wedding...
I know a few things I need to correct and a few things to do differently next time... and I am still a little excited and really enjoyed the opportunity! :) Actually really surprised how much I enjoyed it..
 and I also surprisingly, actually welcome another opportunity and hope to one day have one... 

I also stayed true to my beliefs and made the cake vegan.
 The Joy of Vegans 
Chocolate Cake recipe (my fave)
Vanilla Cupcake recipe (Moisture issues after freezing)
Isa's Buttercream Recipe
But for the Covering I used all Veg shortening instead of partial
 Vegan butter because of heat and humidity issues..

Delivered safely to the wedding reception! :)

My few Prep Pictures

Crumb layering the cakes
This is a 6' chocolate cake.
Takes 2 Cups batter for each 2" Cake
So 2 recipes, Minus half cup each.
The vanilla cupcake recipe makes 5 cups batter.
A 10" pan takes 6 cups of batter for a 2" cake.
Need two-2" cakes... Which equals 3 recipes... 2 whole recipes and the
3rd recipe needs to be used to put a cup of batter into each of the other recipes.
Which leaves you with 3 cups extra batter.
Each Chocolate cake recipe makes 2.5 cups of batter.
A 14' Cake needs 10 cups of batter for a 2" cake..
You need two- 2" cakes.... or 8 recipes or 20 Cups!

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GiGi said...

Great job! Looks beautiful!