Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday- pictures to post later

Black Friday here in Morgantown went over without a hitch. I actually had a pretty good day. But I was very upset to find out that there was a Walmart employee killed in New York by a crowd of people. How bad do you want sales? Bad enough to trample someone to death. That is disgusting and I think all the people who was part of that should have charges put against them. I give my prayers & sympathy to his family and friends.

As I was aying. Black Friday here was worse then normally. Most of the Walmart employees were in a bad mood. I showed up there at 3:30am. Yes I know.. CRAZY right? lol. I stood in line for over and hour for one particular item and I was 3rd in line. When Walmart cut the plastic off it was a mess. People were mad because others were skipping line and everything turned into a huge mess. I did get most of the stuff I was looking for a Walmart though. I went to Target next and and waited outside in the cold for 45min till 6am. For a stupid Black & decker rechargeable broom which doesn't work good anyways and I am taking it back. People again skipped line out side and they had an employee outside trying to make piece. There was people yelling and screaming at each other. But when the doors opened it was a riot. It was awful. I am surprised no one there was hurt. Then I drove clear to Clarksburg. To go a Joann Fabrics for there clay, quilting, pattern, and material sale. I was there forever. The mall had a sea of cars. It was crazy. I waited in line to have material cut for around a half hour then another 30 to 40 minutes to check out. Plus I had been walking around for an hour or so. So it was around 9am when we finally left. Then I went to Circuit city which I had pre-orded online for pick up.. I loved that. Although we did walk around for a while to see what was left and ended up with some extra movies. It was around 11 am when we left there. we stopped by the walmart in Fairmont to pick up a couple grocery's (lettuce, tomatoes, & croutons). So we made it home around 12:30pm. And I crashed because I had not slept the night before. So here is my running list of the day:

Movie- The Omen 2 pack- My pick $2.00
Movie- Borat w/ t- shirt - Johns pick... $2.00
Movie- Robots w/ soundtrack- $2.00
V Rocker game seat- John- $30.00
Some electronics stuff which I can't list because of Christmas.

Black & Decker Rechargeable Broom- $30.00(has now been returned to the store. It sucked...well it really didn't... it really didn't have enough suction at all)

Joann Fabrics
Polymer clay 2oz packs- $.99 each was over $2 each
4 sewing patterns- $.99 each normally over $15 each
3 yards of natural cotton quilt lining for $5.50 yard normally $10 something.
5 yards of fabric at $1.50 yard normally $4.99 and $5.99 a yard
A quilters square for $7.49 which was half off.

Circuit city
2 Sony 4 GB MP3 players w/ a card for 20 songs each from emusic downloads- $50 each- normally around $130 plus the music. - I love this MP3 player. It is very easy to use! Sounds great. But only comes with 3.5 GB free when you get it. Plus it will not let you delete this music and movie trailer it includes. But it works great and is very user friendly. I have like 60 podcasts on it right now and still have about 1.2 Gb left. But I keep cycling out podcasts too. I use it primarily for podcasts.
Wii dance mat- $12.99 normally $20
100 DVD/R- $10.00 normally $50
100 CD/R- $10.00 normally $25
2- 4MB SD memory cards- $10.00 each- work great. Holds about 1800 pictures with a 7 mp camera.
Wii Game party- $10.00 normally $20- its an ok game. I am glad it was only 10 dollars though. I wouldn't want to spend anymore than that on it.
and we purchased a couple movies as well.

So 2 years in a row yes we have found really great deals. But overspent terribly. Next year lets say debt diet...! :)

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