Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snow ! & icy roads!

O the weather outside is frightful... But the fire is so delightful.... But as long as you love me so.. let it snow let it snow let it snow.... well maybe a little snow.. not to

Well it has snowed here a good bit already this year. The last few winters have been pretty good not getting much snow and frigid temps till January.. But a little just to let you know its winter. This year it has already snowed multiple times and has been so so cold..!!! Last night we received a few inches of snow. But our roads were not treated at all. They were awful . Plus it snowed a little more this morning. So John called off from work. Which he never does! Around noon today there was one clear spot on the road in front of our house. Just where the sun was beating down on it. But a car lost control and flipped!!!! I called 911... and the guy was not seriously injured luckily. About 20 feet behind this car the road was still covered with snow and ice. O yeah..It took them forever to find a tow truck driver to come out because of the road conditions. Alot of them just said the road were to bad for them to bring out there flat beds... I mean.. So that car laid in the road for over an hour. Then it took almost a half hour for them to flip the car and get it situated. They did at least cause less damage flipping his car over then they did ours when John flipped it.

There was also another wreck this morning up above our house right out of town. Another Subaru rolled over the hill about the time John was wanting to leave this morning to go to work. I heard the fire whistle and then asked him to stay home till the roads cleared. The lady they pulled out of that car as far as I know is ok. The car went over the hill so far they had to put ladders down the hill to pull her up to the road where the ambulance was waiting. The same cop and fire crew was at that accident.

But here is a couple pictures. I also have video of the car being flipped back over and loaded up. If I can figure out how to up load
Anyways. The snow was gorgeous laying out there this morning. I wish I would have gotten some shots of that. But I was to lazy to. I don't like the winter over all. Cold & Wet... yuck!!! And John works Sunday thru Wednesday and when school is canceled or it is the week end. The state road does not treat the roads early in the morning. So John drives to work pretty often on ice covered roads. Which really scares me. He normally leaves early early.. so.. Anyways... I like this time of year. Just not the weather. I guess its not the same without it though. Just wish the roads would stay clear.

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