Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Product reviews #1 of 2009

Amy's Organic Spicy Chipotle Salsa

I think this stuff is really good. I am super picky about salsa. So to find one I think is pretty good takes forever. But John isn't a big fan of the smoky chipolte flavor... It costs about $4.59 for a 17.5oz

Kawan Paratha (Roti)

I am not sure if these are vegan. I think they are. We came across these when my husband was was installing a satalite at a customers house. They were from India. Which is were John's Family is orignally from. Anyways. They fed him veggies and sent him home with 3 packs of this bread. When this fries up it is so good.... fattening and very high in calories but so so yummy!!!! Try it!!! You will not be disappointed.

Next up is Pasta Sauce. I am very very picky about pasta sauce. Just because I am not good with spices that I can visually see in my food... so.. I normally strain mine. That said....

Del Grosso Organic Garden Medeley....

Well my husbands firsts words were well since its is Del "Grosso" what do you think its going to taste like???? lol... Well John did really like it. I an the other hand really didn't. It was nice that it had chunky veggies in it but at the same time I could not strain it. So I ended up eating my pasta with northern beans and smart balance light. But John gave it a definitely thumbs up and said he would really like to have it again. It costs $2.50 -$2.95 for a 24oz Jar.

I have been putting off trying this next product for a while. Nutritional yeast is really not a thing that works in my food.

Road's end organics Mac and Chreese Cheddar style
But it turned out to be ok. I didn't eat like a huge amount. But it did fix my mac & cheese craving. So I will definitaly have it again. It costs about $2.oo for a regular size box.

Roads end organics Chreese Powder
I have also purchased this product seperatly and although I have not added water and made it a cheese sauce. I have used it in my pop corn. It works well and gives your popcorn that extra little zing. But I will update this when I add water to it to use it for the Chreese sammie recipe on the back. 1.1oz for $1.35 at vegan essentials. Or you can get it in bulk.

Back with more reviews soon!

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