Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wow Busy Busy Busy.

It has been a while since I have posted any thing. So much for 6 or 8 a month between the two blogs. We will see if I can catch up..... Well I started falling behind when the winter weather brought sewer and water problems. Then my Grandfather went into the Hospital. So I went to my parents house for a week to take care of Chey. So I feel really behind on everything. Although the new Dish network did finally get installed and Direct TV screwed me out of $100.71 that they said I didn't owe then they took it out of my bank account.

Some of the problem started with the cold weather. The sewer pipe was still frozen and the toilet had been taken out of the house about a week prior to going to stay at my parents house. So the new toilet was still sitting in the living room. Then with a whole in the floor and the sewer pipe still frozen, plus some of the floor in the bathroom pulled up we had to move to my moms house for the week. Before we went to moms house I did cook some meals and snacks. Sweet & Sour tofu with Veggies, Refried black beans, Rock soup, Oven fries, Apple crumble muffins.
Chey didn't have school that week because of all the snow. I did some cooking but other then that I didn't get anything done. I did how ever move half my kitchen to my parents house while I was there. I never notice how different we eat until I spend a whole day or more there. Then it really kicks in. We have nothing to eat there. The difference really amazes me. Anyways. But I did carry enough stuff over to make dinner a couple of times. Plus a treat for Chey at the end of the week. So we started out with really simple. A Veggie Un-pot pie with biscuits, Pasta w/ cabbage,onions, potatoes, and sage butter. The rest of the week I either didn't get pictures or we just snacked on left overs. But at the end of the week Chey and I did make some Chocolate chocloate chip pancakes from Vegan with a Vengance. She loves them. So I made some extra and froze them for her. At the end of that week John, Chey, and I did go out grocery shopping. We went to the new Krogers which is now the biggest in WV. It was a nice shopping trip.

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