Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beckley Reunion 09'

This year John, myself, My mom, dad, and sister went to my dads family Reunion in Beckley WV. It went pretty good. It was really nice to see everyone. I really miss our family.

When I was younger like 5 we went down all the time. The family was really close and we did alot together. We spent alot of time at my Uncle Rogers house with bond fires & the horses. Everyone would set around the fire and talk. During the day we would spend time around the barns and horses. Or just set around and talk. We would stay long weekends at my Grandmothers. I can still remember the way her house looked. The order of the rooms. The kitchen appliances and the morning food. The apple tree in her yard which we would collect apples from and make all kinds of apple stuff. The blackberries we would collect and make cobbler. There was a field of tall grass barbed wired off next to her home. And a long front yard with a gas station across the road. Atleast I think so.. It has been so long who knows what that could have been. I had so many great times there and still hold a few awesome memories of my Grandmother. I miss her very much. She past away when I was about 7 or 8.

I so miss the time I had with the family then. My Gr
andmother was diagnosed with cancer and died a few months later. We was there through alot of it. We traveled back and forth through all her kemo and other treatments. I would spend days in the hospital room. It was a really hard time for everyone. When she passed away the whole family just kind of dispelled. And nothing was the same. Everyone went there own direction and as far as I know not many look back. It is really a sad happening. I can't believe that something like this could happen to our family. So every time we go to the reunion its bitter sweet. I always get back in my car to cry and reminisce. I truly miss the way our family was.
But for the most part. The reunion went well. Alot of people were missing this year. I did get to see most of my uncles and aunts. But one of my uncles & some of my cousins were not there do to their own family issues. Which is a whole other story. But definitely a bitter sweet event. But I hope we go next year. All of them are getting older now and I just wish they would open their eyes to what is right in front of them and how important it is. Family should mean alot. Not bickering behind each others backs. I really wish they would all learn that. It pains me to see them let time and other things get in their way. But then again. That said the bricks keep stacking between them. And life moves on from day to day.

The reunion was held at another park this year. It has become part of the New river
gorge viewing places. It had spectacular views of the gorge.

There was also an Avian rehabilitation talk happening. We did go and set through it. It was really informative. About the state raptors and what has happen to their population so to DDT and people interfering with garbage, cars, changing from wood to medal fence post. I had no clue that between the fence post and DDT the post little screech owls were almost wiped out totally. They told us how they are rehabilitating animals and releasing them into the wild. Like the Golden eagle, halks, falcons, and great horned owls. They did a really great job telling us about all of them.

They also had some birds with them that can not be released due to various injuries. They had 2 halks, 2 falcon, 2 owls, and a gold egle that streetched and screamed the entire time they were talking. The picture is of the Gold Eagle. He had a huge wing span! But it was a nice bonus to add to the family reunion.

Then as we were leaving the park we stopped to look at the overview which was
gorgeous. We seen a 3 or 4 lizards running around on the rock cliffs.

After the views we went to leave and seen 2 fawns and a mother deer grazing right outside of the trees edge.

Food for that day.. Well what can I say. we took burger roles with us which were really good to snack on. We snacked a little on fruit and stuff while we were there and then ate after we left. Pretty much what we always do. MY Plate ...

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