Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DC Veg Fest 09'

I have been looking forward to going to Veg fest for a few years.No I was beyond looking forward I was so excited words couldn't tell how I felt. I have been wanting to go to Charlettsville VA since 05' and have never gotten the chance so when I found out there was one closer then 7 hours away I was on board. So we decided to go to Washington DCs veg fest this year. Like I said I was more then excited then I found on on top of vegfest being there there was also going to be a protest at the White house. That made me a little nervous but I was even excited to see the protest spectacle.

My morning started off late so I missed 2 people I wanted to see talk. So we finally got there and everything was going well. There were tables set up around the side walks and people galore! Tons of people. DOn;t know if they were Vegetarians, vegans, or meat eaters... The first thing that stuck out to me was the number of people there... The next thing was the food. People kept passing me with food... Yummy vegan food! So this wasn't a big courtyard. So after a bit of looking I came across it. Lots and lots of people in line waiting. I mean a ton. So we decided to skip it for a while. I had forgotten to get cash so I walked and found an ATM and got $200 for all that nifty vegan stuff on the horizon. The first purchase of the day was Dandies Vegan Marshmallows. They were awesome. They had taste tests set up. Had one and fell in love with that old marshmallow flavor I had been looking for in products like Sweet & Sarah and hadn't found. I Purchased 2 packs for $10. Then I found another stand selling care magnets. So I purchased 4 Magnets for $20. I will post everything I purchased a little later. Anyways. there were tables of info set up everywhere. Lots of info. I wish people would have been more talkative though. Some stand were like COK's stand, Karen Davis (UPC), Farm Sanctury, Poplar Spring's Animal Sancturary & PCRM. I was excited to get My Skinny Bitch books signed but never had the chance to. We did finally eat.

Food was my top reason for going! (and all the nifty things I could buy) There is really not true vegan takeout around me so going there and having so many options was great. Although I looked for some restaurants after we left and could not find one. I was sad. I was heading to Ocean City Maryland after that and really wanted to take some good vegan food with me.

There was an Summer Delights Ice cream truck set up with Vegan Ice cream & Vegan hot dogs. $3 a dog and $2 an ice cream. So there went another $10 dollars. I wasn't a big fan of the ice cream they had. It was a strand texture. But the hotdogs were ok. John finished my food though. So then we had cold noodles from Sunflower Vegetarian Restaurant. They were really yummy. Don't know what they had on them but wish I could find out. We also had the Vegetarian fried Chicken and another bowl of noodles to take with us. That food cost us $7. Which wasn't bad. I wish we could have ate at the restaurant though.
Java green was there but sold out very early in the day. Vegan treats was there but so many people was wanting there stuff the line was clear across the yard and stayed that way all day. They had some undies I wanted so bad..They were black & said "Vegan Treats" on the front... lol.. I am going to order some. But You have to call they don't take orders online. Sticky fingers bakery was another place I really wanted to try but by the time we fought our way through the people most of the stuff was gone. They did bring a good amount though. We did get the opportunity to stop at Emily's Desserts and purchase a vegan cake and rice krispy treat. She makes some very lovely cakes. It was so pretty that I never ate it. It is still sitting in the fridge in its nice pretty pink little box. I would have really liked to try the Amsterdam falafal shop. It looked really good. And they also had vegan pizza w/ soy cheese. Looked really good and still didn't get to try it either. So many tasty things floating around. Just couldn't afford to try them all.

Things purchased at Vegfest:
  • Farm sancturay book $20.00
  • Prisioned Chickens posined eggs - Signed to me $15.00
  • Dr. Greger DVD $20.00
  • Animal Welfare Bracelet $2.00
  • 3 Bumper stickers $4.50
  • COK T-shirt $15.00
  • 2 Ice cream & 2 Hotdog $10.00
  • Cold Noodles & Veg Chick $7.00
  • Lemonade $3.00
  • 4 Car Magnets $20.00
  • Emily's Desserts $11.00
  • Parking Garage $10.00 (but the car was nice and cool when we came back...)
Grand total : 137.50

Not bad!

After we was done at vegfest we decided to walk to see the protest at the white house. This was our first time in DC and didn't know where the White House was so we got the GPS out of the car and took off walking. We both had really crappy shoes on for this walk so it was deffinalty a long one. My feet hurt so bad by the time we walked to the back of the White house I was really to call a cab to take us back. But we didn't we took some pictures seen a few protesters... and they were annoying... lol.... and seen the Washington Monument from a distance and then set on our way back to the car. wouldn't do that walk in crap shoes again. That walk was not worth the few prtesters way seen. I guess most of them were in front of the White House.. OOPS...! Wrong Side :)

But I still had the trip to Ocean City and back to DC for site seeing on the way home!

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