Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2011 Garden Prep

We have finally started this years garden prep. I am excited to once again to be expanding and wondering if I still have to many veggies planned even with the expansion.... We live on a small piece and land and last year it creeped into our front year where the dogs play and this year it is taking up even more of the dogs play area.... Do you think the veggies will make it??? Lets keep our fingers crossed because last year our kale and swiss chard had a hard time dealing with our playful brood....

Went to the greenhouse today expecting to get an early start on planting for a change.... and what do I get??? Nothing... They only had 3 heirloom tomatoes out..beefsteak, Orange Jubilee, and mortgage litter... Only one of which I wanted and they were still so small I decided to wait. They had no eggplant and no peppers.... so I guess I have to wait a couple more weeks for them to get ready... So I decided to go ahead and get the extra soil we will need I picked up: Picked up 10- 1.5 Cubic Feet bags of organic soil (4.98 each), and 2 bags organic peat Hummus (1.60 each). Still might need some more soil and definitely some more Peat Hummus but its a good start.

A few days ago we started cleaning out the garden beds that we are not moving and got them almost totally cleaned of weeds and vines which were taking over. Now we are expanding two of the raised beds and turning them into a regular bed so we can fit more in it. We are moving the zucchini away form the squash bugs... Hopefully it takes a while for them to find the plants this year. They are going to our front yard.. So they just have to brave the dogs... Good luck Zuccs! I am not sure were everything else is going yet... Depends how many tomatoes I end up with this year!!! I have a whole list....

So planted for this year:
Pickling Cucumbers
Swiss chard - Maybe
Catnip- Which came back from last year...
Rhubarb- Perennial form my Grandfathers garden
Rooster Peppers- From seed we will see how they turn out...
Beans- Maybe
Tomatoes...Depends on what kind the greenhouse has...
I want:
Mortgage Litter
Black Krim or Cherokee Purple
Gaint Pink Belgium or German Pink
Green Zebra
Black Cherry & Green
Mr. Stripey
Golden Jubalee
not sure if that is all but also not sure were they will all go considering I have to purchase 6 packs to get them....

Thats all for now...  Update more with pictures later.

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