Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day 2011

We did most of our Earth Day Celebration the day before Earth Day. It was nice and sunny and we could go out and get some stuff done that needed to be done. Our day consisted of Getting our composter, gardening supplies, and cleaning out the garden beds. We also put my Moms new raised garden beds together.

I have been wanting one of these for a while. Haven't had the money for one..
But I decided to splurge and pick one up while they were on sale.
So this was my contribution for Earth Day.
A 12 cuft Compost Roller.
Also for Earthday we worked  on some of the garden beds.
This is the Rhubarb Bed that we transplanted from my Grandfathers garden.
It needs to be spread out some more but I haven't the room.
First Cut Rhubarb of the year. I was surprised that we had so much so soon.
But it has been raining like crazy. So there is more to come. 

I cut 16 stalks and they weighed out to be  1lb 14.9oz.
There is a bunch more to cut. But I need to freeze this first.
We also picked up a bunch of organic soil, organic peat moss, organic peat hummus,
and some stones to widen some of the garden beds

All the garden beds have been cleaned. But the only thing I have got planted is one
set of cucumber that grow up the lattice in the back of this bed.

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