Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stewy the Dictator! Chaos in the Coop yard!

Its always something around here... I have yet to blog about Roxies Leg/tendon injury and I have a million other issues to deal with...
Todays issue... our Rooster that was born last Spring/Summer has began to fight with and now plain out attack our other two roosters.... Even though they take on a submissive role and run and hide he still picks at them and now has Titan (Our Big rooster) bleeding on his wing... So I am very frustrated with him. Today I have him locked up in the hen house so that Titan can have some time to ro-coop and feel better. I feel so aweful for them that they can't get along. I always thought since Titan was his "Father Chicken" (lol) and he grew up with the other two rooster that they would all get along just like Titan & Crownos did. But he has taken out the ruler and is being a Dictator and cruelly attacking the other Roos.... What do I do about this?  
Titan, With a beat up comb, used to be head of the coop... Now Stewy is beating him up!
Also doesn't like Stewy. Stewy started by picking on him!

Stewy, Titans Son... Big Bully, and is turning the chicken yard into chaos... 

I am thinking about adding an emergency extension to the coop yard tomorrow. Maybe if they have more space they will feel better and Stewy will leave everyone alone. If not I am going to have to build him his own enclosure by himself and his fave hen Jasmine... Thats the only thing I can think of doing... I don't want to give him away and someone cook him for dinner when they don't have a use for him, when he attacks a person, when he has some medical condition that I would take him to the vet for, but someone else would just off him.... So what else can I do? I am hoping that after he is locked in the coop all day he will be nice when we let him out. Fingers crossed... But I also know thats not how stuff like this normally works... 

So he is going to stay locked up in the hen house till my husband gets home and we can watch them closer. John can step in a separate them were they are to big for my hands to get a good grip on to pick them up. I guess if worst comes to worst I can put Stewy in the Brooder/Sick coop. Just to separate them for a while. I don't know. I want this to be his forever home.... He was born here. I have never brought in an animal and not fully devoted myself to his care. I am just not sure how to solve this problem and not separate them... and separating Stewy from everyone else just seems cruel to me... Should I just let them fight till they form a new pecking order? Some people say once Spring is over they will stop fighting... But I also know you are not supposed to separate Roos because it can make them fight worse.... hmmmmm.... I don't know. I will update soon to let everyone know what I chose to do.

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