Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yard Sale Trip #2 (#1 Sucked) the beginning of Spring.. the very beginning.. probably before spring was even here I went to my first few yard sales after stocking the classifieds online for...alongtime!... But guess what.. I learned that early season yard sales and small and they suck!!!

So I gave it a month or so....

Friday night I decided I was going to go a town close to us that was having a town yard sale... Plus there was an estate sale and I love estate sales!!! You always find the best stuff at those!!!

So after planning my route I headed out Saturday morning... The first couple I stopped by was a total bust... But when I made it to the estate sale I got some really great deals on especially 1 item that was my find of the day and I have been wanting one for forever!!! And I can't believe I found it at such a great price... I also purchased a 4 slice toaster for $2... haven't tried it yet..hope it works...
My awesome TexasWare Bowl!!!! The price....   $.50 cents... and at the antique stores they sale for $30 dollars!!!

It did look like someone had sat it on a burner.. but it was still in awesome shape!

I also found this little crock to put more kitchen utensils in for $1buck! Same day I found another one of these at a yard sale for $12 dollars.

Orignaly thought this was pyrex but it turned out not to be. But I love the way these types of bowls are made and I use my pyrex ones all the time and I don't have lids for them. This one was $.25 cents so it was well worth the quarter even if it isn't pyrex!

After the estate sale my list of yard sales went out the window because they were literally everywhere... The news paper didn't have half of them and I am sure I missed some of them just because there was so many.... I went to atleast 25 in under an hour.... maybe 30...

My 2nd favorite find came from the basement of a small museum the town has. The have a small yard sale a few times a year.. Not of the museum stuff but of other misc. items....
This is my new rooster lamp! I think he is so hansom! and I really like him.. He is sitting on my 60's credenza  that I keep forgetting to blog about oops.. coming soon I promise! But he was only $3 bucks!

I also found these wonderful finds at other misc yardsales.....
Didn't have a lid but for $1 who cares. I have a lid that I can use and it is less for me to find shelf space for!

Love this Fireking bowl.. Its another fave of the day.. and It was $1 buck !

Got this Pyrex bowl at the same yardsale as the Fireking. Just $1 and an awesome find I love!

Same yardsale as above bowls. Don't really drink coffee not sure what I will do with it. Tried to talk myself out of  buying it... Just couldn't leave the CorningWare Friendship Coffee pot for $2 bucks!

Old fashion but It is Pampered Chef Apple peeler.. Hope it works good..  $1

When I find whole sets of Pyrex bowls at a good price it is so hard or me to leave them. The lady I purchase these from had just been bit by a dog that had been hit by a car. She took the dog and its owner to the vet but had yet to get her stitches...  Her mother was taking over for her.. $5 bucks!

Then I headed to Fairmont because there was a church sale... and church sales mean old people..and old stuff... right? and I don't mean it rudely I just mean if I am looking for 1960's or 1070's stuff I need older people... and good prices... sadly the church yard sale wasn't as good as I was hoping but I did find a couple of things... and I missed another church yard sale my mom told me about after I left town :(   ....
I really like this style jar.. I see them at antique stores all the time for big bucks and so I have never got one. I doubt this one is an antique. It has no marking and also seems like more modern glass. Paid $2 bucks. I also purchased a small 60's suit case that John calls ungly. Not sure if I will ever use it.. But I haven't taken a picture yet...

Then I went to a park that was supposed to have some yard sales but there was some kids baseball games there so... I didn't see any yard sales but there was a ton of people there so I guess I could have looked harder... But there was 2 out the same road and I found my other two fave finds of the day out there at another great price!

These sets sale for around $15 dollars at the antique stores.  I would never pay that much for one. But I did pay $5 when I found this full set!

Also got this dispenser or juice container.. not sure... and it was only $.50 cents! Love it!

So before noon I was a little bit of everywhere... Places I never go but actually found my way back out In the first town they were also having a canoe

I am so excited for the entire summer of yard sales...if I can find the money and time to do it!

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