Monday, December 26, 2011

No blogging!!! Just a lil catch up..

Been busy busy busy.... I don't know with what exactly and what I do know I am not about the share Not really... Been shopping, planning parties, shopping, visiting some old friends, shopping, reading, shopping, going to the gym, shopping, cleaning up after a flood, shopping, dealing with Storms Bladder stones, shopping, Giving Spanxy a hundred meds, get the picture :) But I do know one thing I haven't been doing and that sadly is blogging :(    

Im not sure where I went wrong this year ... I don't think I have been that busy... They gym seems to take up more time then I thought it would and has made my back and self feel a million times better!!! Couldn't even imagine my back feeling so much better..(When I do get to the gym regularly, 2 or 3 times a week or more). But even though it makes me feel alot better I still have a love hate relationship with the gym... Love that I have lost 10lb, Love my back and me feeling better, love the way my husband looks at me (blush), love being out and about, love when I'm stressed I can jump on the elliptical and glide to my lil hearts content, love watching the guys gawk at the girls through the window like noone knows what they are funny..... Hate to sweat, hate all the people who seem to go to the gym at the same time I do, hate the gym rat guys who are nice to look at but not fun to exercise infront of, hate the people who sit and conversate on the equipment I need, hate the people who thud on the treadmill when they run, hate my headphones that only seem to work half the time, hate the super long drive to the gym daily or every few days that costs out the ass in gas! O yeah, and I hate getting started..being right under my fat burning heart rate when u feel like u want to die.... But then I love when the sun finally shines on you and you feel like running forever!  So I could def go on but it is def a love hate relationship!

Shopping has been on the top of my agenda in the last few months.... Sale sales everywhere! Love it! But now sadly I am broke from all those damn sales! lol... But i had fun while it lasted!  :)

O yeah and I have been on strike... From cleaning, cooking (because the kitchen was a mess), and other womenly duties...   I love my husband very much. Dont get me wrong... He works long hours just for us... But when he cant do one lil thing around the house without causing an argument its time to put ur foot down... Something I just need help and I have asked and asked and finally decided a strike was in order! So I have been on strike for a month and a half... and the mess has been driving me crazy... He will never throw in my face "Well what do u do around here?" ever again... because now that everything has piled up around us, there are no clean dishes, clothes, socks or underwear, but my own... Im sure he has figured it and he has asked me to come off strike and has even showed some effort to help... I just hope it continues cause I will not hesitate to start my strike all over again in the near future if he decides I dont need the help I have bagged him for for so  Now I just need the house clean cause it has drove me bonkers and luckily I have that gym membership cause if I would have sat here all day with the mess I would have went mad! lol

But now we are getting ready to start a new year and hopefully a new year of blogging, a new attitude, opening my life to more love and self growth... :) Looking forward to the year to come and hoping it will be a wonderful year full of new experiences and memorable events...

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