Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th Of July

Every year our little town has a big 4th of July thing. It starts really yeary with a 10k and another run that I can't remember the name of. Then at 10:00am the parade starts. Then when the parade ends there are games and singing up town that lasts all day till around 10:00pm and thats when we have fire works. I havn't been up town in a while for the day time activities. They normally have cake walks and games for the kids and tons of other things. The fire works we always take "C" to see and I like to see them too. Its become a tradition for "J" & I.

10:00 am Parade. This year it had a great turn out. Over a hundred floats.

Tons of horses... Which I'm not a big fan of people riding horses. But I guess if you treat them right it might be ok. I'm not sure how I look at it. Anyways. I love horses. There were probably 30 horses in the parade this year and normally there are only 7 or 8. But I also noticed alot of there hoofs were not taken care of properly and that upsets me.

My Dad knows a couple people that have horses here every year. They always stop and let "C" ride their Male horse Whisky.
Tons of old cars.. This is an old Tow Truck.

Tons of candy was thrown out. We had probably about 10 pounds maybe a little more at the end. We had company and everyone took home lots of candy. More then we have had from a parade in years.

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