Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Porch biulding & Eyrthema Nodosum...

Well I have again been very busy. And when I'm not busy I have been sick. Fun times I tell you...!lol.. First off all day I have been kind of doing spring cleaning. Well at least when I feel like it. I have Eyrthema Nodosum. Which are nodules caused by many things. I have yet to pen point what is causing mine. So about 6 months out of the year on and off I have this breakout. Painful very painful. I also have joint pain and stomach sickness. Flu like symptoms, we will leave it like that. Anyways. I have had these for the last 3 weeks. Maybe more. So I have called off from work 2 days last week and now the doctor has told me not to go back till at least next Monday. Lets just say by the time I get back to work everyone is going to hate me.. :( So pain, housework, sick stomachs... Lets get to the new covered porch my husband is building. It is going to be screened in for the cats. My cats are totally indoor. They NEVER go out side. So I know they are going to love it. I can't wait for "J" to get done. Problem is we only have a car so lumber is hard to get home. Last weekend we brought home 6- 2x4's 4-2x6's and 4 cement porch blocks ( Which we never used.) Lets just say that is not a fun ride. We have a sports car. An Eagle Talon. Now this week end I am going to have to make the trip 2 times to get just the 20- 2x6's unless I find a truck. So Sorry No new posts. I have just been busy with other things. I do have some upcoming posts though. Hopefully in the next week I will cook a little.

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