Friday, July 6, 2007

Doggy Dominance/ Anger Managment

Chloe God I love Her. She is the best Pup ever but she has this dominance problem. She is ok with my parents Dogs but with any other dogs she will go straight up, chest out, growling. Well to nights accident takes Chloe Bounding across my back yard when my back is turned. She ends up at my neighbors house. Lets just say I really haven't met the new neighbors. They have lived there for a while now. But the only time I see them is at work when they come into shop. Any ways. Chloe bounds across the yard chest out and growling goes straight up to the dog and I am lucking he was standing there because he picked up his dog so Chloe couldn't mess with him. The neighbors dog was growling and Chloe was still growling.. It was awful... Stupid Stupid me. Chloe is normally so well behaved when we are in the yard. I keep her leash on her and let her walk around without me holding it. Well I need to figure out how to fix the dominance issues now... This is were my Animal training lacks... But I'm sure if I go back through my lessons I will find something. I felt so bad though. But luckily there was no fight at least.. Maybe she needs Anger Management O yeah check out her collar in the pic. It was her 4th of July Collar this year. Last years was a lot cuter but I couldn't find it.

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