Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blueberry/ Dried Cranberrie Muffins TGoV

Well I have cooked a little lately. I tried the Blue Berry Muffin recipe from TGoV. It turned out really good. I made some changes and added some Dried Cranberries. I think next time I will use all dried fruit for mine. "J" loved them I thought there was a few to many blue berries. I used frozen blueberries and they were huge so maybe if I found small fresh berries I would like them more. The berries fault not the recipe. It was just a basic recipe though. Yum Yum...Hopefully more recipes to come... Very soon. Update:Since I made this recipe I made it again and changed a few more things. This time I added 1/2 cup of blue berries and 1/4 cup of dried Cranberries. I really like the dried fruit. This time the muffins turned out just as moist as the first set. But they didn't fall apart like the original did so that was nice and "J" really enjoyed them in his lunch box and that was a good change. I haven't made that many baked goods lately. But I am getting everything cleaned up again so after my yard sale I plan on starting to cook again. O yeah and I am going to make cooking, muffins, & cupcakes to sample & sale at my yard sale which is really exciting for me. I can't wait.

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