Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Porch Update...

This is one of the first days the kitties were aloud out side onto the porch. Now a couple weeks later they claw at the animal door to go out there. It is screened in on this side and they love it. It is a big hit. Cooper stays out there almost 24/7. But a few hours a night I do close it and they all come in. But I let them go in and out to the porch when ever they please. So my totally in door kitties have grown to love the screened in porch. They are still a little skittish. If my neighbors go outside they fly back into the house.

I even have a new visitor. I don't know if she has a home but she come here to get fed. She was really really skinny when I first found her. But now she has gained a little weight. My neighbors was calling her one day but I know they are not supposed to have cats. So I don't know if they were just feeding her or if she is thiers. She does have kittens some where though. She is the sweetest girl.

Anyways the porch is almost finished. We have to fix a leaky spot on the roof and stain the floor and we will be done. "C" loves sitting out there. And we love it too.

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