Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shopping Finds #2

I shop alot. I go to around probably between 8 and 10 stores to try to find everything I am looking for. And guess what.. I still don't come close to finding everything and it takes alot of time and gas. Which isn't good. But around here thats what you have to do.

This weekend I went to Mountain peoples market for the first picture. They sell bulk dried beans, grain, seeds, nuts, flours, dried fruit, herbs, spices, vitamins, and other stuff like a small frozen section, and a small organic fruits & veggies section. This is a small store but there is alot there. O yeah they also have detergents, self care items, and some prepackaged foods. Here are my finds for the day.

This food is from a krogers that I don't visit often. This is the first time is ever a year probably. They have alot of new items and I was really surprised. But they also got rid of alot of items that was liked. All this is new and I have yet to try any of it. The No chik'n B. cubes that I thought people had made up. I found today and I was really excited. I have looked everywhere for these. I couldn't even find them online. But there they were!!! the Veggie patch hot dogs and the turk'y are sold no where else around here. So it is really nice to find new products. The Crystallized ginger is organic and was actually not as expensive as the regular. So that was a great find too. This is short and sweet but at least its an update.

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