Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All in one

Well the last couple weeks it seems like a lot has been going on... but at the same time really not that much. I kinda look back and think well I have been busy... but with what.. So who knows. Anyways. Here is a little bit..

My Erythema Nodosum is back and worse then ever. Yesterday I was in so much pain all I did was lay on the sofa and cry. So it has been ruff. This set has been here for around 3 months. Not getting bad till about 5 days ago. So it was tolerable till I got about 15 new spots in one day and the next day I was just in total agony. These pictures do not show the really bad nodules. I have one right now that is the size of a 4"x4" and still growing. But I know you really can't see them that well from these pics. But moving on.

We have had a lot of rain this summer. And the garden is doing pretty good. I learn a lot of new stuff every year. This year I tried Square foot gardening. I took the measurement for spacing from another website I had ran into talking about square foot gardening. At first everything was good. But as the summer has gone on everything has out grown into each other and has made it very hard to get to everything and find the stuff that blends together. So this year although our tomatoes have done wonderful our squash mixtures has really only produced 4 or 5 zucchinis and 1 acorn squash. The cucumbers got crowded out be the tomatoes and squash and and I have only got a about 5 cucumbers although there are tons of baby cucs. The beans have done really good. We picked 2lbs a couple weeks ago and now they are ready again. Although now I have found out I can not pick beans I am allergic to the plant its self. Next year I think I will plant double or triple on the beans so I can have enough fopr summer plus for the winter. I planted a lot of lettuce and as always it does really good to the point of I can't eat it all and it gets tough. My carrots have produced allot of green but I have yet to see a carrot. And last but not least the what I believe are radishes have done good on the greens but I have not harvested them because I don't have a recipe yet. But all in all I have learned a lot, got some veggies and I think thats what it is all about when you are first starting out. I still have a ton to learn. And hopefully in the future I will have more space so I can plant all that I want.
I have not been cooking to much and when I do it is either the same old stuff and I forget to take a picture. The other night I did try something new and I remembered the camera. Not hard just a kinda through what you have together and you have dinner. So here it is...
Tempah ( Which I has never had before )
zucchini (from my garden)
yellow squash (Some guy sent home with a friend when he found out we were vegetarians, always great!)
Organic Carrots
Organic long grain brown rice
Trader Joes Soyaki

I put the tempah in the soyaki to soak a few minutes. I takes up alot of the soyaki and fast. Then I mixed a little soyaki in with the veggies. Put it all on Rice. Your done. I know should I have even taken the time to type that? lol.

I have also recently found a new used book sale location. It is less then 20 minutes away from me. So every Friday when it is open thats were I am. They have very low prices because all the books are donated or are old library books (It is located right beside the library). So they are all between 10-50 cents. So every week I spend around 6 dollars but last week I spent 9 dollars. But I came home with two boxes of books. J also got some cassette tapes & a movie which are all 50cents apiece. They have some really nice books to and some are brand new. So I guess what I am hinting at is if you have a local library that has an on going book sale check it out. You save money on books, there are no extra trees cut down because you are reusing them, and it helps the libraries. (The Other picture is of the old school that sits right beside the library. It is still in use but has never been remodeled. It was built around 1903.)

There has been more going on like we have been taking C and her friend out alot on the weekends. Bowling, to the movies, out to eat, & Shopping.

Yet another picture and recipe I forgot to post is the Thia Peanut Butter seseme noodles. So here is the picture. I don't know what happen to the recipe. I really liked them but J didn't. Ok all done for now. byebye