Saturday, August 16, 2008

You know what????

This blows..... I'm still sick. My temp is still 102.6F. I feel offal. The Dr. took 2 chest X0rays today. I don't get the results till Monday. I'm never going to the Dr. on a Friday again. So now I get to worry all weekend about Pulmonary sarcoidosis..... I am scared to death. I don't know what to think. I just pray the x-rays come back good..

Update: I went to the Dr. (Monday Aug 18,08). To get my X-rays and to see what other experimenting they would like to do on me... i know not funny. My x-rays were normal. So that is good. But I had to have blood taken from my arm. I do not , slash that... I hate getting blood taken from a vein. It totally freaks me out. I have not had it done since I was probably 18 maybe younger. I always beg them to prick my finger. The other day it worked. But today I had no such luck. They stuck me and took a full tube. The nurse told me I could lay down if I thought I was going to pass out. I assured her I would not. And she stuck the needle in my arm. My arm went completely numb and I got really dizzy. I thought I was going to go down. But luckily I made it. Just by a a lil bit. It was really bad. I know I am almost 23 and I seriously have a 5 year olds issue. They should have AA meetings for this. lol

"Hello my name is Chasity B______ and I have Belonephobia (the fear of sharp object, especially needles) Well needles all the way here. Well kinda. I just don't like the blood/ medication kind.... Tattoos & pericings fine... I don't know.

But end of story for now. My appointment was at 1:30 today and I swear I can still feel the needle in my arm and it is 12:59am ! Blahhhhhhh.!!!!!!!! I just can't describe it..... More updates to come. O yeah the Dr. wants me to go to another specialist. But I have no insurance at all.... So although I wish I had the money to do it I really don't. But by the way the Bllood they took today was so they could check my thyroid ... who knows what next...

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