Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another Whole Foods & Trader Joe Trip

We finally made another Whole Foods & Trader Joes Run. We took Chey with us for a nice outing and then made 2 quick stops. Alot faster then I normally go through those stores... And of course that leads to getting something ... with..... yuck..... animal secretions in it.... I acidently picked up some jars of Trader Joes Vodka Pasta Sauce w/o noticing they had cheese in them.... That is so annoying. Not just one or two but.... four of them.... What the heck am I supposed to do with it now...?

A couple days in advance of our trip I ordered Spinach Stromblies from Sabrros In our Morgantown mall. They make them special for us all the time. No cheese , No egg wash. They are really nice there. The owner even asked me if we were vegan one day.. So that was awesome. But we took 4 strombolies with us.. It was a great meal for the day. They travel really well. And they tastes awesome. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. Plus some of their Maraneira ... YUM!!!! Sorry forgot to get a pic... I will try to next time we get them.

Anyways we did end up with tons of yummy stuff. I love stocking up when we are there. And try lots of *new stuff. I love to eat at their salad bar. They have a soy popcorn chicken prodct that is made by Delight Soy and it is so Yummy! We bring home a big container everytime we go. I like their tofu on the salade bar too. Well most of the time. I didn't like the barbque sauce they had on it this time. But John did. So here is my list of things purachsed at Whole Foods.

Earth Balance sticks $2.89
*Lightlife Tempehtations $3.99
SmartDeli Vegan Peperoni $3.39 x2
Pretzels $2.00- To snack on on the wat home
365 Organic Katchup $1.99x2
Nasoya 24oz $4.39
365 Salsa Medium $2.99x6
*Millers Mustard Hot $4.99
*Bon ami Kitchen & Bath Cleaner $1.39
*Galaxy Vegan Parm $2.79
Wheat Berry Bulk 3.26pds $4.53
*Adzuki Beans Bulk 1.92pds $3.24
*365 Tricolor Pasta Shells $1.69
365 Veg Glycerin Soup $1.49x3
*365 Organic soy sauce $2.49
*Simply Organic Taco Seasoning $1.39x2
*Simply Organic Vegetarian Chili Seasoning $1.39
Calbee Crisps Original $1.49x5
Reusable Bags $2.97x3
Ecover Toilet Cleaner $3.69
Organic long grain Rice $2.39x2
*365 Veggie Straws $2.19
*Galaxy Vegan Cheese $2.79
*Tofurky $3.69
1.5 pounds Delight soy popcorn chicken 7.99 a pound
.5 pounds of barbaqued tofu 7.99 a pound
2 bags of ice $1.69x2

But I have noticed the more we go to Trader Joes the more we get there. They have really good prices. Pittsburgh has better prices to begin with on all the Organic and Vegan stuff but... Trader Joes are by far the lowest I have ever seen. They really have great prices on Soy Ice Cream... We get a good amount everytime we go. We also stock up on bread items there. But here is Trader Joes List

Blue chips $2.99x3
Veggie & Flaxseed chips $2.39x2
Calbee Crips $1.49x5
Organic Vodka Pasta Sauce $2.99x5
Soy Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Ice Cream x3
Mango vanilla soy ice cream
*Chocloate Soy ice cream mini Sammi x2
*Organic pickles $2.99
Organic Sourdough bread $2.79x3
Everything Vegan Bagels $2.29 x4
*Mini whole wheat pita pockets
*Soy bbq chicken $3.49
*fozen asain dumplings
Organic frozen spinachx2
*Jojo Cookie white $2.49
*Jojo cookie chocolate $2.49
Veg broth $1.99 x5
*Goyoza dipping sauce $2.29
Sea Salt $1.49
*Jar of Cherries $2.29
Gimme Lean Vegan Saucsage $2.69 x2
*Tofurky Sausages $2.99

We purchased some other frozen and cold items too. I had them on a 2nd recipt and can't find it right now. OOPS.. I will finish the post and label all the frozen prices when I do.

But it was a very nice trip. Although it was packed every where we went that day. It was nice. We came back on an old coutry road and ate some soy ice cream sammies. It was a nice way to finash off the day!

Lots of Vegan cooking to come... hopefully soon!!!

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