Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chickens reaching Maturity

Well my Roosters are being little but heads. Crownos, or Mini Rooster, which is his name when I am mad at him.. is picking on all the hens... He even made Isis's comb bleed the other day which really made me mad. Then last night I seen them holding the hens down... trying to do the.. u know... and the big Rooster was doing it too. I didn't think they would start this till next spring... Although Titan, the big Rooster hasn't been picking on them like Crownos does. He is still rather clumsy. John said that Titan is Crownoses over grown side kick... lol. But Crownos has become a little dictator and does not take his position lightly. He has even kept everyone in the coop today.. and it is pretty hot out side. about 85 to 90 and high humidity. But I do go check on them ever so often. Just to make sure they are doing ok. I think I might have to build a seperate home for the roosters. I was really hopeing I wouldn't.. I don't know what to do right now.

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