Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Parrish Reunion & Parkersburg

We recently traveled to Leith Park in Ohio. It is located in the Wayne National Forest. Very beautiful situated on the Ohio river. This is the first reunion we have been to for Johns side of the family. I had mixed feelings about going because of animal issues... such as fishing.. and the car is acting stupid. But after some long chats we decided to go down and visit everyone. Luckily there was no fishing going on.. So I didn't have to get all freaked out by that. Dave, Johns brother told us that the family fishes down there and he stressed that to us.. I don't know I think he thought we might actually fish.. who knows. But luckily no fishing... But we did have a good time so I am glad we went. We got to spend time with his family and everyone there seemed to be in a good mood. We pitched horse shoes for most of the day. That was fun. I took food with us. I figured like at most places we would not have anything to eat. I was so right. Everything but a fruit salad and dessert was meat.. I mean everything. I actually only seen 2 pieces of cucumber on a someones plate. I don't know if there was any salad. But I was so.. Id on't know.. It was over whelming to me. Actually kinda astonishing... I don't know.. It was just really strange to me... especially when they are like a strict Christian family. I don't understand where compassion comes in there. Where that is taking care of ones body as a temple... I don't know... anyways.

I got up at 5:30 that morning to make homemade spinach Strombolis. But they didn't turn out as nice as I would have hoped. I didn't have enough time to raise the dough the 2nd time and I did a fast rise the first time so.. oops.. they were ok.. but I will work on that and post it later. We also took watermelon, snapeas crisps, pretzels, and hot pepper mustard, Kiwi, and sauce for the strombolies. O yeah and for breakfast Gimme lean vegan sausage.

After the reunion we made our way down to Parkersburgh WV. I had been looking forward to going to the Trans- Allegeheny book store for a while. It was the Parkersburgh library and is said to be haunted. It is huge and beautiful. Has tons of books. But I was disappointed. I went there for cook books and animal right books.. But came home with some Fiction stuff. They also had 2 cute cats walking around the store that we spent some time petting. John said they were there to detect They have glass floors in half the store and hard woods through the rest and a spiral staircase.

Then we went to check out the mall I have heard so much about.. and I didn't even get out of the car there. The shopping trip was a disappointment. So we left and grabbed some Bean Burritos at taco bell and then made our way home. I was so tired that night. I had only had a hour and a half sleep the night before. But it was a nice day and I am really glad we went.

This sign was on one of the locked doors...It said Do Not Open will let the ghosts out...

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