Friday, February 19, 2010

Book Sale

Was going to town to rent some movies and talked John into going to the Friday book sale. He likes going to the book sale we just don't have really any shelf space left to bring home the number of books we like to pick up. But I didn't bring home a box full this time... Probably close though. I love going because you never know what you are going to find. This time I found some magazines that I have been wanting to buy for a long time and wouldn't pay the $5 each for them. Call me cheap I don't care. But I got them for .5 cents each today!!!! Loving it. I was so excited! :) And being that they are the Mother Earth New Magazines... I Reused what was already in circulation and didn't add to the mess... Remember Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. :)

I also brought home some other magazines that I had been wanting since last Fall. I love fall magazines. And we bought I believe 13 books. All for $3.75. I would have been happy just with the magazines though! :) Lets see if this book can really help pay down our see I am already down .25 cents... :)

A book I purchased last time I went to the sale has become a good companion product safety. The safe shopper's Bible tells alot about what comes in products that people purchase everyday. I wish they would make a newer version. But it has really come in handy. Just to learn about stuff like the Oranges from Florida are dyed and the dyes used on them have Known carcinogens in them, and milk is one of the prime routes of exposure to radioactive contamination from nuclear power plant, cucumbers used for pickling accumulate carcinogens pesticide residues. So you should always buy organic pickles!, & sesame seeds & cashews from outside the country hold alot of pesticide residues and they are on the purchase organically list... But there is alot of information about most household items, food, and cosmetics.

I checked one book out from our local library also Its called Reader's Digest Homemade. I will let you know what I find that is interesting.


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dendelion said...

Hi, like your blog and book choices..' especially keeping the cost down. Very interested in your comment about milk and nuclear ....You don't see much about nuclear, but there have been reputable studies showing a link...If you have a moment ! check out my website..This is an eco novel for teenagers and over - All the food in it is vegan ! and I think you might be interested, honestly. And there is a chapter to read for free. I wish I could give them away, but I can't... I have to sell them and I hate it. The most foody chapters aren't on display, because they have some of the main plot in them! But the kids are good kids, I reckoned it was time we had some non violent heroes who use democracy and don't eat meat! Really like your blog. June