Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Storm ...

We have had so much snow this year. It has been gorgeous but growling at times. This latest system came through with really really heavy wet snow and lots of it. Actually only about 14 inches. But it was enough to bring tons of trees down and cause alot of damage around the state. But especially in our county. I stood outside and listened for a while that night. It was peaceful and quit until you heard the very loud cracking sounds of the tree branches. It was still beautiful to see what mother nature can do but scary because we have tons of trees around our house and a good many growing above our chicken coop. It started snowing ithe evening and by about 11pm we had 8 inches and about 12 inches by 1am when the power finally decided to give. So we spent the night and the next day w/o electric. We did have heat in our house from a small Kero heater. But I was so afraid of Carbon Monoxide poisoning I couldn't relax. Then it was so quit w/o the electric and everything running, plus just the sound plain electric makes that I could here every tree that cracked that night. We was some of the lucky few that got around electric back the next evening. I was just breaking down because it was only 6pm John was going to go to sleep and I hadn't had any sleep from the night before and he had. So I was...pissed... that he wasn't going to stay up with the heater while I took atleast a short nap. So just as I break down and start to cry the power comes back on!!!! I was so happy! I got a good nights sleep that night.

Luckily no real damage from trees. More from the weight of the snow. Our roof in leaking in certain spots, The chickens hawk enclosure needs the roof fixed, a couple of our trees behind the coop & enclosure fell into the creek along with some huge branches, so we will need to clean that out so stuff doesn't build up on them and flood us in the spring. So we made it out lucky that times. That is the most heavy snow we have had since I was little and we had a good sized snow storm that brought a huge tree down into my parents front yard. It took out my swing set, my dads truck bed, messed up part of the roof, and cracked the driveway. So the trees around us cracking the night of this storm really had me on edge. Anyways here are some pictures...

Moms Flowering trees are normally atleast 12 to 15 feet tall. They have now become about 5'.
Pine Trees look so pretty but alot of them across the road from us have uprooted. This is one that had been topped this summer in my parents yard.

Alot of trees are just bowing and bowing then breaking under the massive weight of the snow.

Our Chicken enclosures roof is sagging about 2 feet now.

Branches laying on the coop

More Pine Trees

The Trees behind the coop:
This one partially into the creek

These are some huge limbs that don't look big in the picture but they are good size

Treding through the snow. The snow was as tall as my Chloe

The Sky was gorgoes after the storm passed

2 days after the storm we had to go pick up Johns work van. There was trees down everywhere. Alot of places there was still only one lane of roadway and tons of snow still one the roads.

Just a day or so ago most people got there power back that is about a week and a half w/o power for alot of people!

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