Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Vegan Valentine

This is the Mint Chocolate Chip recipe from Sinfully Vegan. It turned out really good. So I have heard. I am not a big fan of MCC. So John gives it two Thumbs up. I didn't use the Mint icing. I thought it would just be to much mint all together and John agrees.

I just tried it and it actual was really good & very moist. I had a weird craving for Peppermint patties. Probably because I have been smelling Mint for 2 days. But it took care of that craving. and even though I didn't put mint in the icing, the icing had taken on the taste of the mint from the cake. Very yummy! :)

The hearts I used some chocolate chips and melted then with a double boiler. Place a printed heart under some wax paper and traced it with the chocolate.

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