Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gardening... Another bed down...

Went to town to get organic soil for the last few garden beds. Got 3- 2 cubic feet bags enough to do 1 and a half beds. Picked up a few groceries and then came home. Hand tilled one garden bed and planted some more tomatoes. Trying to kill the grass off in the other so its not so hard to till up. Have a few more beds to go but need some more dirt. Need to still finish planting some veggies and flowers. Better late than never... right?

Yesterday John got home from work early so we went out and worked on cleaning up some of the yard. We have to make room in the opposite side of our yard for our huge heating oil / kero tank and our extra smaller holding barrels. As soon as we started working and moving wood scarring things started happening. First something cute not scary... A salamander was on a small rotten piece of wood. Turned him lose on the side of the creek bank. Then John and I was standing there talking about were all the barrels were going when I heard what I thought was a small mouse running across a tarp. We both looked over and seen a HUGE spider. HUGE.... I have never heard a spider walk... so... I decided I was going to go mow the grass while the husband finished moving all the spider infested... things around.. ok not infested but one was good enough to get rid of me. I hurried and mowed the grass and come back and he hadn't come across anymore so I started helping him. Then he picked up the tarp and there was another HUGE spider!!!!! So then I was done... I sat up on the stairs and watched him make a burn pile and garbage pile.... I have wiped my hands of cleaning around the back porch... :)


Spider #1

Spider #2 ok.. so maybe big.. not huge.. but you don't find spiders that size around here very often... but I guess it wasn't a terachala... Maybe a small teranchela... It was actually just a dock spider.

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