Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spring Showers Bring May flooding

Well its that time of year again. We have been lucky (knock on wood) and gotten some rain but not huge amounts at a time. We could even have used more rain this year just not all at once.

Today we got a bunch of rain all in about 40 minutes. So even after it stopped raining the creek kept rising. We had flash flood warnings. Mom had to help me move the empty chick brooder house. John and I had just put it there the day before... Something told me not to put it down that low. O well. Then I went to the burn pile to move it out of the water. Move my burn pile and turned to my dads wood pile moved 2 pieces. I was thinking if I am going to run into a snake this would be the place... Then I though .. no... The water is already under the pile. So I started moving it again... 3 pieces later a snake freaks out and comes straight out of that stupid pile of wood... after that I decided the rising water could have it.

So about two hours after it stopped raining we was lucky.. and the water started to reseed.

On to the next rain storm.... :)

This is the tree behind our back porch and garden. The water is up on the tree trunk about 10 to 12 feet.
Thats my parents garden. Before the creek stopped rising we had to move the metal circles and a lot of her new dirt got washed away.These are Moms hunny suckle bushes and you can see the side of the chick brooder house and some of the chicken enclosure. The 2nd picture is on the other side of the honey suckle bushes were the water was.
This picture is from our back yard right in front of the rhubarb plants.
Right behind the chicken coop. The water was about 4 feet from the enclosure.
This is the giant moth that was on my door this morning. It doesn't look that big but it wings were about 2 inches tall.

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