Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A new Car well kinda..

(I need a better picture but this is all I have for now.)
I have been very busy this month. First at the end of last month our Eagle Talon's water pump went out and took the timing belt with it. Then after that it was almost fixed and we messed up one of the valves and now we have to make sure the block isn't messed up. So in the mean time "J" went out and bought me a used car (but its a new car for me. you know) a 1999 Dodge Stratus. Which is very nice. (He wrecked my car over a year ago so thats why he bought one for me.) Which I love. Even though the ERG valve needs replaced. But thats ok. We had new tires put on at sears and a new sony xplode cd/mp3/radio installed at Circut City. Now I just need seat covers to keep the seats clean from the dogs. It is very quite and does very well in the snow. I love it.

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