Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vegetarian Junk food/ Chili Cheese Fries

Yesterday I had a bad craving for Chili cheese fries. Its funny because when I was younger and ate meat I never had chili cheese fries. I didn't like Hamburger at all. So now when I get a craving its just a little strange to me. Anyways yesterday I was watching The Racheal Ray show and she made Chili cheese fries. I could not help myself. So I took her recipe and made it veg and here it is. Very simple. The recipe is on her web site. I just substituted the meat and put the ground boca in. Plus some extra oil because the boca really has no oil. For the Cheese sauce I used soy milk, no-chik broth, light vegan "butter", and a little cheese. If you are a vegan and or can buy vegan cheese in your area you could probably make the same sauce. (As long as the vegan cheese you buy is the kind that melt.) There are oven fries under all that Boca. Just made with some smoked Chipolta pepper, Cayenne peppers, & olive oil.

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