Friday, January 18, 2008

Rigatoni, Crimini Mushrooms, & Asparagus

This was a really good dish. "J" loved it. I enjoyed some of it. It kinda had a meaty flavor to it from the mushrooms. But the mushrooms had that weird texture that creeps me out a little bit ( But they always do). Next time I will cook them down a little more and cut them up a little smaller. This was also the first time I had asparagus. I used a can (yes very sad I know. But I do have a good excuse. I bought fresh and couldn't find it. "J" had put it on top of the water cooler and I didn't find it for another week after I made the dish. "J" kept telling me I was imagining even buying it.) I will never use canned again. It was mushy and kinda tasted like a green bean.
I think I would really like asparagus fresh. But never again canned... Anyways. This is really all I have tried new is year. I am running behind on one of my resolutions (actually 2 to tell you the truth) but the one I am talking about is to make at least 1 new dish a week. It is week 3 and I think I have made 2. But I don't have a picture of the other and I don't even remember what it was .... oops.. This recipe came from Everyday Italian on food network. I will post the name of it later when I find the recipe again.

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