Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Camp- Bowling

This year "C" was in a parks and recreation camp thing. The went on a bowling trip and we went along of course. "C" and "Aut" behaved well but that other kids actually the older kids were offal. I could not believe how immature they acted. Throwing 2 and 3 balls down the ail at a time, knocking the bumpers down, hitting balls with other balls, hitting the reset button on other peoples games, & hitting the thing that comes down and collects the pins with the balls... They were outrages!!! I was so annoyed by the time we left and the lady who was supposed to watch them just let them do what ever they wanted. But after the the complaining.. I will say we got to bowl from about 11:30 till 2:30 that day for free. That was really nice. Although the kids got enough food that all the money was almost gone. But that was C's first time boiling and she had alot of fun..

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