Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Parents have been Married 25 Years!!!!

This week was my parents 25 Wedding Anniversary...! I was hoping to be able to plan a big party but I wasn't exactly sure how to go about it and the person I wanted to help me was going out of town. So I decided to make them dinner and a cake and have a home celebration. I made 2 different recipes and made a two layer cake. I used 2 Recipes from The joy of Vegan baking. The Strawberry cake and the Vanilla Cake. They both turned out supper sweet and tasty. For dinner I made Spaghetti and Red sauce with Garlic bread. So everything turned out nice. I think the really liked it. Atleast I hope so. this was also my parents first wedding cake. I wish I would have known that in advanced and I would have made it a bigger cake and purchased a cake topper. But anyways here are some pictures. Happy 25th Anniversary Mom & Dad !!!!!

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