Thursday, July 3, 2008

Independence Day Prep..

Well today in the looming of the 4th of July holiday I baked almost all day. And its funny how you seem like it takes forever sometimes but yet nothing gets done. I baked from TJoVB: Chocolate Chip cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, 2 Chocolate Cake, & the chocolate peanut butter icing. I also made Chocolate Cupcakes from VCctotW. Tomorrow I also have to make some breakfast muffins. So I wanted to try some new recipes and never got the chance to. The kitchen has been a mess for a while and now the drain is stopped up. So all day I was running back to the bathroom sink to wash the dishes in a lil tiny sink. Fun fun fun. I normally love baking and I'm not saying that I hated it today or that I even disliked it. It just seemed a lil cheerless today. I love trying new recipes and I haven't get to really do that in a while. Although I did try the German apple cake and the banana chocolate cupcakes from TJoVB I need something else new. So I guess it hasn't been that long. But.. It just seems like it. A yeah.. plus my kitchen is a disaster. I don't mean category 1 tiny bopper tornado hit I am talking massive F-5 damage... lol.. any ways I guess its time for a cleaning/ organizing extravaganza. lol.. anyways. I will post the pics some other time I think I am going to go come down for the night and read my nice book called "Ghost Moon". Have a Happy 4th of July everyone !!!!!!

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