Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cleaning , sewing, and hibernation plus dinner

Well I have been working on cleaning up the house some. It always seems to stay a huge mess and I get so tired of it. So hopefully I will get closer to it being cleaner. I think we just need a bigger house... and its getting about that time. But until then I have been organizing everything into those 3 shelf store containers. 2 stacks of them around my house now. Just seems to be the easiest way to organize everything and not have to worry about it any more. But every time I got o buy one of those drawer the price goes up. I must be the only person supporting their company.... They started at $15 a year ago and they have been at a steady rise till they hit $20.... who knows what they will be next time I want one... anyways moving on....

I have been working on things to start my etsy store. But I need to go to the store to get some notions I forgot.... and that won't happen till probably Thursday... Thats a long drive just for Velcro, elastic, and fusible interfacing... So I haven't brought myself to do it yet... Have I mentioned my sewing projects have taken over my kitchen table. So I haven't done a ton of cooking lately but I have done some.

Moving on to hibernation. Well when I am doing something like cleaning or sewing the cats & dogs can't seem to stay away. They must have invisible strings attached to me. So that every time I move they know and come to get right in the middle. But when I decide to sit down for a while or when they get tired of walking around what I'm doing.. They fall over and decide its time to hibernate. and they won't move.... and if I move them .. when I turn around they come back to the same spot. Even if I want to put a large box there...
So here are some pictures of my babies when they finally decided to lay down. After I was done cleaning for the day I finally went and cooked dinner. We had Rice with Ginger broccoli. It turned out pretty good although I should have let the sauce cook down a little more. This Rice & Broccoli RECIPE is super easy and pretty quick. I also made a Faux Tuna Sammie for Johns lunch. He loved it!!!! Click on the links and it will take you to the recipes. Located on my other blog.

Peace out everyone!!!!

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