Monday, January 19, 2009

Cold Weather blues

For the last 3 days the winter weather has been taking its misery out on John and I. Three days ago the water pipes froze when it was -10 (windshield -22). So that morning John drove to work then had to come home to try to get the pipes unfroze. He was out side working on it for over and hour in the frigid temps and the water pipe didn't budge. So I turned the water off in the tub. I had it on so I would know if John was helping it unfreeze. So I turned it off and John went back to work. It was like 7 am and I had had only 2 hours of sleep so I went back to bed. The phone kept ringing all morning. So I finally tuned it out of my head and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up around 11:30am. To my surprise while I was sleeping the water came unfroze! It was only 8 Degrees outside... So I'm not sure how they got unfroze. Yes that was good... but what I didn't know was John had turned the tub and sink facets back on thinking I had left them on. So both were totally wide open.... Needless to say a lot of water was wasted. But I haven't even got to the best part yet.... The sewer pipe is now frozen!!! who knew that could happen? not me... It has now been 3 days. I can't use the water anywhere in the house. Plus the water froze in the line under the toilet Busting it and put water all over our bathroom floor... So now we have to pull up the floor around the toilet and install a new toilet. I am glad we have a new toilet and all because I have been wanting one that has low water usage. But this isn't the way I wanted to come about doing it. But I still cannot run any water in the house.. the toilet has not been replaced and it will be a few more days till that can happen. On top of that yesterday the heater went out. John came home and fixed it that evening. But I was at home all day with a space heater. I am so ready to move to warmer weather..................................

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