Friday, January 16, 2009

Knitting & Food

Well I have been trying to get a lot done lately. Trying to quit procrastinating. Which I am so bad about. I have tried a few new recipes which I am going to write about and I have been working on knitting some stuff and getting supplies for the stuff I am going to make for Etsy. There have been so many creative things running through my head it has been hard for me to concentrate on one thing at a time. Which is where my problems come in. Like today I spent 3 hours at JoAnn Fabrics trying to pick out fabric and notions. I had such a head ache from trying to get all of the items that I finally gave up and went home. At least I got my grocery shopping done first. Which I really enjoyed. I love grocery shopping.... I love to find new products to try and just stuff that I have looked for in the past and then someone finally gets it in. I will say after the fabric store (which I normally enjoy) I was so stressed out that I didn't go to the 2nd grocery store that I wanted to hit. O well. But on to the food.

So I have been trying some new recipes. I love trying new recipes and I am going to do more of that this year. As well as cooking in bulk to freeze stuff like pasta sauce, soups, pies, pastries, breakfast food, breads, etc. I will post those recipes or links on this website or my other So keep a heads up. This summer I will also be posting bulk recipes for garden veggies. Anyways....

General Taos Tofu turned out great.... I have not really cooked Asian food in the past and I would love to try some more recipes. I have always had a hard time cooking tofu and this turned out really good. I can't wait to make sweet and sour tofu!!!!!! I will post pictures of that soon. :)

I also tried the Chili recipe off of It turned out pretty good. I am not much for chocolate and cinnamon in my chili though. But it was a good Change. With this recipe I made some cool Chili corn dog muffins with the vegan smart dogs. They turned out really good. John loved them. I used the corn bread recipe from PPK. It was good as well. For more info Check out

This week I have been trying to hit food items I have had trouble with in the past .. Like the tofu. The next Item I tried was another Vegan Mac & Cheese recipe from Veg web called Delightful mac & cheese. Well I will just say I wasn't a big fan and neither was John. I hate wasting food but everytime I try a new Vegan mac & cheese recipe it ends up in the garbage... This version had a kinda "chickeny" taste to it. Which like I said on Vegan Natura .. It has been many years since I have had any meat so maybe I am a little off on this but... I just could not stomach it.... But It does have a ton of good reviews at veg web.. So try it. You may like it... But by the end Copper kitty had to come check it out.... lol ....

But Check out more details of my cooking experiments, the recipes & substitututions and other food ideas and more about just food. On my food only blog

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