Thursday, August 13, 2009

~*~ CHICKENS~*~ The clutch is gaining strength!

Well as the post title said. Now my chickidee has 6 eggs. 1 a day! Thats alot of eggs! And she hasn't started laying o them yet. She is still trying to get a bigger clutch. I am starting to get a little worried. I know chicks are so sweet. But we really don't have enough room for a whole clutch!!! I am going to have to build a bigger coop if that happens. So I am hoping they are not fertilized! I will still be sad if they are not. But truth be told. That would be for the best. But if they are fertilized they will be welcomed into this world. And we will love them. And no we are not going to get rid of any of them. They will all stay here. So we are just going to play it by ear for now. I guess we will see in 21 or so days... :)

Here are a few up to date pictures of some of the Chickens and I think both of the Roosters. I think the only one not in these photos is Mabon the egg layer. But she was out side not in the coop.Excuse the photos the Rooster has me a lil camera shy. Knowing if I only look down for a second that he could come after me. They were are pretty close to me in the pictures because they wanted some fruit. I always take out organic fruit for them.

Update: I went out to see the chickens and spend some time with them earlier and Isis was digging in the straw in front of their indoor feeder and dug up a seventh egg... Plus she was digging in the nest.. So I am back to not knowing whos eggs they are!

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