Sunday, August 9, 2009

Subsidies On animal industries- Seeing Red!!!- A RANT

Can you say subsidies? It totally pisses me off that I pay taxes that go towards stuff like milk, egg, and meat industry subsidies! I don't eat or drink it! Why the hell do I have to pay for it??? Then pay full price for my soy milk? and soy ice cream? etc..etc..! Where the hell is the soy milk subsidies??? and boca subsidies??? and soy cheese subsidies.. for god sake you can get a 24 slice pack of dairy ridden crap for 2 something and for 8 slices of Galaxy's Vegan American Cheese its like 4 or 5 bucks! Come on... We need to really get into the political ballgame an do something about this. I am tired of paying for other people to screw over everything I believe in. I mean think of all the health problems associated with eating dairy, egg, and meat products.. I can't even afford health issuance because it keeps going up do to unhealthy people. Then they take out taxes to make the price of this dairy, egg, and meat crap to be lower in price!!! It just really makes me sick!!! It is sad that our country is pretty much ran by the Dairy, Meat, Egg, oil, & insurance industries!!! Our health has been left up to the people who get the money for our addictions to there products and the people who make money off of us being sick??? Where the hell is our country going? Down hill fast...! and no I am not blaming our president... They ok.... I might update this later because it really infuriates me!

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