Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My Chickidees have grown up. Someone has started laying eggs. I think it is Lil Banti. There was 4 when I checked the coop for cleaning today. I can't believe how fast they have grown. They are around 19 weeks now and that is still crazy. They were not supposed to start laying till they were 20 to 22 weeks so someone is off to an early start! So now we have to separate the Roosters from the hens. I am not looking forward to doing that. They have all grew up together. I have to go purchase some wood so I can build them a coop. I hate to separate them but I can't have tons of chicks running around were I live. So they are going to keep these first eggs to see if they will hatch but after that the Roosters have to be moved some where else on our property. :( I knew this day would come. But I am sad to see it get here. They all seem so happy and content together.. well at least when the Roosters are being nice and not chasing the hens down. But this is a true event to me. I am happy but sad all at the same time. But I still love having my chickens. They are awesome and I can't wait to move in the future so they can have a ton of space to run around and play!

Quick Update 8/11/2009: was visiting with the chickens and found Mabon turning the eggs so they are probably hers. She is a sex link so it might be her breed that lays early.

On another note.. My but head rooster Titan tried to flog me!!! Can you believe that? I turned around to walk away and he came after me! lol.. Don't tell anyone.. but that was scary..lol.. I chased him beck for it. I will see where I stand with him in the morning. lol. I hope he doesn't become one of those roosters who flogs everyone .... :(

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