Sunday, August 9, 2009

Silk Soy Milk- No longer the Silk we once loved!

I have recently realized that Silk is now longer owned by the same company and has also changed from all organic to "Natural". All the Silk you find in the Milk section of the grocery store is now "Natural" the only organic silk I have found comes in the Tetra pack pantry style boxes. Which are very expensive. Now it would be over $8.00 for one gallon of organic silk and that is at Walmart. If you go to other stores and look at their prices it will be around $12 a gallon. That is outrageous. Have I mentioned who Dean foods is? They are a DAIRY company!!!!!!! Yes.. a DAIRY Company!!!! This has me out raged. I have stopped purchasing their product and have moved to a store brand Organic Label. I will not purchase from their company since they are a dairy company and plus it is no longer organic. So write the company. I did. Let them know how you feel about the "Natural" instead of Organic..and Silk used to use small organic farmers and now they are no longer supporting them. They have moved to bigger producers! So let them know that that is not ok. Click a link Below! Below the link is the generic response I received when I wrote asking why their product was not longer organic. I will be sending them a new letter about the price of there so called "available" organic products.. They are not available when they cost out the A$$..!!!

Dean Foods Website


"Thank you for your recent e-mail to Silk®. We appreciate your interest in our products. Offering a broader range of products to meet consumer demand. We know some consumers are more interested in the health benefits associated with adding soy in their diet (cholesterol-free, lactose-free, and may reduce the risk of heart disease) than with organic certification. Those interested in organic products, we still offer the plain, vanilla, and unsweetened In an organic option.

Thanks again for contacting the Consumer Affairs Department.

Alberto Vasquez
Consumer Response Representative

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anemia said...

That's a sad news. I really loved Silk soy milk. The Very Vanilla flavour was my best.