Monday, December 20, 2010

Cookie Monster Cake for John's 29th Birthday

John just turned 29...

When I was looking for some ideas for Chey's cake I came across a really cute Cookie monster cake and John was standing there and jokingly said I want that cake for my birthday...

So cute :)

He really liked it. I was so glad :)

I made the Chocolate cake recipe from The Joy of vegan baking with a hint of mint added. Then I added hint if mint to the icing too. It turned out really good. The hint was perfect. I'm not big on mint chocolate but I will make this again.
I also made Vegan chocolate chip cookies. So that I could put one on the cookie monster cake.

Chloe enjoyed liking the plates...Yum Yum.

Cute Rooster Card from my Parents
I think John had a good Birthday this year.  He got a PS3 and a bunch of games that was also his Christmas present. We picked the games up on Black Friday and got a killer deal. He is really happy and has been playing alot since we picked it up. So I am happy to see him have some enjoyment. He has worked so hard this year.

 Happy Birthday John!!!! I love you!!!

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