Wednesday, December 22, 2010

School Holiday Activities

Every year the school puts on a Christmas show. This year my little sister is in 3rd grade and the two third grade teachers come together each year and have the kids perform not just songs but a play. This year they did a little western play and it was so cute.

On the same day we had the Christmas party at the school. We didn't plan the parties this year so I don't really have to much to add. But I did make Vegan Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes both from The Joy of vegan baking. They turned out really good. I have tried white vegan cupcakes in the paste and I haven't liked them. But that recipe is really yummy.

The parent who planned the party didn't plan anything but a present swap and a guessing game . The presents swap went really well. Every parent sent in a $5 gift and all the gifts turned out really nice. Chey got a Mermaid Barbie.

After that there really wasn't anything to do for the last hour of the party so my mother had luckily brought some of the games we had left from planning the party last year and we planned a couple of them. and the kids got to get out of their seats and have some fun for a while. But over all I think the kids had a good time. For the next party I am planning the games.

Playing per kid request... Present Present Coal

One last thing.
Christmas is a Christian holiday. I understand that and I take it with an open heart and open arms. But even with this being said.... I was caught off guard when prayers were started at the Schools Christmas program and although it is warming and a nice gesture. How many children were not Christian and felt uncomfortable during this.  None of the school administrators said it. That was handed off to someone else since the school isn't really aloud to. But I just couldn't help but to look around the auditorium afterwards and wonder how many students celebrate other religions. How many students would have been uncomfortable because they believe in other religions. I wish these celebrations would celebrate everyone. Not just the Christian Holiday. There are so many other Holidays for other faiths this time of year and they should have the same privilege of celebrating with the community and showing us how they celebrate as Christians do. I really wish they had that chance.

So with open hands and an open heart for all I wish you all Happy Holidays.

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