Friday, December 10, 2010

New Years Resolution update!

Well last years resolutions are quickly coming to an end... and I figured an update was in order.

  1. Be a more reliable and outspoken vegan: Well I think I have done well on the reliable part. I have been a vegan for 1 year now with only a couple slip ups. I don't crave cheese anymore and actually the time John talked me into having some cheese I didn't finish it and I actually thought it tastes funny.  So that is a new outcome considering I ate cheese for so many years and now to taste it and see that its not as good as I once believed was a little mind blowing. I really do believe that cheese is something that is addicting and once you are over that addictive property that is in milk it jut doesn't taste that great. Maybe its just me because my husband still misses cheese but he is still going strong as well and we are going to become even more into it next year. with even less slip ups.  I have also slipped up a couple of times with candy. Now being more outspoken is another thing that I think I have been a little more outspoken this year and honest when people ask me questions but I still have a long way to so.
  2. Pay off atleast $6,000 of our debt: I haven't figured this number out yet. And i will be doing that at the beginning of next year so that all the payments have gone through and I know the actual number.
  3. Cook atleast 3 times a week. I have done o with this one. I haven't done the best because my back has still continued to kill me for the entire year. I have been to the chiropractor, ordered an inversion table, and tried everything I can think of. I think next year I will switch chiropractors and see if I can find one that can actually help. But I have been cooking. Sometimes more sometimes less. I just hope I start feeling better so I can start being a consistent cook that cooks more healthful meals instead of alot of times fast things just so I don't have to stand there in pain.
  4. Keep the house cleaner and more organized than last year. Again with my back this year this hasn't come to be. Maybe a little. I have atleast kept alot of the laundry done. but to my defense John hasn;t had the time to finish the walk in closet and our back room. So everything is still out of place and just begging to be put away...
  5. Read more than 15 books. Even though I have had a whole year I have only read 3 or 4 books and half of 2 others. So sad... I have been tring to decide if I want to purchase a kindle, nook, or Ipad.. but as I look at the book number... I'm like really... Do I really want to put that much money towards an ereader.... and the answer I think is sadly yes.... So hopefully I can read more night year.
  6. Be a more consistent blogger: I think I have done this for most of the year. I have beat out all my other years and next year I will hopefully beat this years number.
  7. Take better care of my health. Well I have been to the doctor alot this year.. But I guess that only kinda counts. For exercise... back pain doesn't work with being out and about.. So that sucks and I really I don't know hope for better things to come...
  8. Learn more about amino acids.. again I suck
  9. Donate to atleast 3 charities. I got this one!!!!  I have given to a number of charities and animal rescues this year.. Mainly animal rescues... but they are great places to help out. and I will do this again next year as well.
  10. Takeout no more than 2 times a week. I think for the most part we got this one. Except a couple of time when I didn't want to cook because I was in pain so John brought home subway...
  11. Do some art projects. Two thumbs down.... still another fail what is my problem???So sad
  12. Take better care of the garden.. I kind a did this one. I kept alot of the garden weeded. I froze alot of the rhubarb and tomatoes. But I never got around to freezing the for peppers so they all went to waste :(  But I did so better this year and we had an awesome garden and I learn more every year that I can take with me to the following year to make our garden even better.
I already have in mind a couple new resolutions for this coming year and I hope I can grow and meet the expectation that I am setting for myself. Life is about learning, growing, and changing and I hope that this next year is a chance for me to lay aside the issues that need put to rest so I can open up to be  the person that I want to be. But I also know that any learning and growing  no matter how small is a step in the right direction.

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GiGi said...

I think you've done a mighty fine job blogging. So yo've certainly been a more vocal vegan! Woohoo! Those Daiya crescents look delish! Back pain is no fun. I hope you feel better.