Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our first Gingerbread house

I am 25 years old and have never put together or decorated a gingerbread house. I have been thinking about purchasing a house cookie cutter kit but have failed to year after year.  but when mom went grocery shopping she decided to pick up a precooked house for Chey to put together and she called me to help her.

This is our experience in a couple
First the walls. Atleast they stayed pretty well.

The roof kept sliding off. Over and over again.

Chloe would not leave mom alone. she kept following her around
the house barking and Mom went to the computer and this is where Chloe

Melting already. My parents keep their house really warm. So the house never stood a chance.

Chey did a great job on her side of the roof.

Mom finally figured out that Chloe just wanted the bones that Chey had put in Missy's Stocking..
.lol She then she tore it off the

Me and Chey. we had fun even though the house looked like it was crying.
It was actually pretty funny.

Santa's and his ride

Mom tried the ginger bread.... But that was the only taste

After the stocking

We decided to add the little soldier for John.

So it didn't turn out the best. But it was fun. Just wish it had been vegan. Maybe next time it won't look like its crying. lol

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